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For a long time, more than a decade, I helped to guide and support patients with their health. I was blessed to become a part of their lives, and in many cases, friendships and families. I treasure these experiences and relationships. I hold three science degrees and postgraduate studies, so you may naturally assume my mind is confined to the allied health and medical model. It is not. What I discovered over my clinical career is that the mainstream “health” field separates each person into parts and looks to treat symptoms without consideration of cause.

This separation of selves seems to extend into many families, our communities and through out much of our world, in ways that concern me greatly. After all, openness, compassion, kindness and calm gifts us time to listen to others and consider our views honestly, without the domination of ego and or condescension.

In our blog, we will share different perspectives and ways of looking at the world, whether through health, political, or other areas. You will find stories from different people on their life experiences and insights. We will illuminate observations and understanding from experts in their field.

We trust you’ll enjoy, we hope to give you pause for thought, possibly expand your horizons and of course, give you wonderful healthful and life changing information. And we hope you have fun!

Rebecca Harwin
Chiropractor, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur

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