The Top 3 Easy To Fix Mistakes Athletes Make That Injure

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur sportsperson who flourishes in the life of sport and fitness, there are three common mistakes you should be wary of before building up a sweat.

This article will discuss the dangers of running on empty, faulty alignment and muscle mayhem.

Running on Empty

It is vital that athletes maintain their hydration levels during their physical activities.

Exercise may actually suppresses one’s thirst, so a big mistake commonly made by athletes (amateur or pro) is to wait until they FEEL thirsty before they hydrate their body. Fluid replacement is essential during exercise and physical sports, and unfortunately this is often overlooked.

The warning signs of dehydration can include weakness, dizziness, cramps, chills, nausea, vomiting, headache and general discomfort.

Water is perfectly good for hydration, and some electrolytes can be added, but many sports drinks are jam packed with unhealthy sugars and additives that are simply best avoided.

(Fix) Faulty Alignment

Faulty alignment in athletes can hinder ones performance, and warrant concerns for their physical and mental wellbeing. It can increase injury risk, and overtime poor posture leads to degeneration of every moving part in your body.

Identifying misalignments and correcting these through the Chiropractic care will maximise your healthier body with greater flexibility, range of motion, and stability.

Muscular Mayhem

Often even the most professional athlete’s experience what can be labelled Muscular Mayhem, experiencing; muscle weakness, leg cramps, dizziness, nervousness, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chest pain, the list goes on! And the cause? Magnesium deficiency!

Enriching your body with magnesium rich foods such as leafy greens, gluten free whole grains and legumes is extremely important, as is taking a powerful, practitioner range supplemental form of Magnesium, to give you the extra boost your body may severely be lacking.

I strongly recommend a potent liquid supplement called Nitro Xtreme, taken 30 minutes prior to exercise, to help improve blood flow and function, and to enable this supplemental Magnesium to travel around the body and reach the muscles most in need.

So go out there, have fun, do what you do best, but just remember, a fit body does not mean a healthy body unless you do all the right things.

Dr. Rebecca Harwin
Chiropractor & Multi-book Author

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