Health, happiness and the compassion in our human bodies

Could compassion be the path to true health and happiness?

I’ve been curious about compassion as a concept for years. See my immediate family are a compassionate lot, my Mum and Dad’s life lens is kindness, my brother and sister would give you the shirt off your back should you need it, and to me compassion is simply a way of being. The very foundation of our lives.

Yet, I discovered as I grew up that others didn’t see the world as we did.

Throughout my decade as a clinician I came to the conclusion that an important part of what any therapist does is give the patient space, importance, and acknowledgement their existence and even suffering. Yes, our modalities differ but often it is the chat, the listening ear and even a hug or the touch that is most therapeutic.

And the more I’ve delved into this compassion sphere, the more I believe that the human body have compassion intricately built into its very foundation and essence. It cannot be unmingled.

Rather than try to seperate a critical part of ourselves, we ought to harness what it is to be human in the best possible sense.

Let’s look at another way of seeing the human body, and how we can craft improved wellbeing for ourselves, our communities and the world.

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Dr Rebecca Harwin
Chiropractor & Multi-book Author

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