Could Kindness, Compassion and Service Save Your Life?

There is much we can learn from this brief speech and this wise man. Especially about kindness, compassion and service.

Kindness is the lens through which my parents raised us, and it won’t lead you astray. We’ve been told by sceptics that people might take advantage, that we might get used. Should we lose ourselves and our compassion on the off chance that something ‘bad’ might happen?

Like someone might talk about themselves for a half and hour we have spare, and then walk away feeling valued?

That we consider another as equal, regardless of position, or race, or hair colour, jacket size, height, waistline, ability, voice or wrinkle length?

The we might stop to consider another’s perspective and how it impacts on them, before we race to judge and condemn?

Are you willing to trade your compassion, kindness and continually evolving life lens for something… less?

Rick Rigsby - Make An Impact

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Posted by Goalcast on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Watch this video. I hope your answer is to continue to see the best in others and be the best you can be. Kindness, compassion and service might not only save your life, but be a great way to walk it.

Signing off…

Dr Rebecca Harwin
Chiropractor & Multi-book Author

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